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Why not dive into a box of chocolates let those taste buds be tantalised with the rich creamy milk chocolate and the rich dark luxurious chocolates. The excitement of the divine frisson centres from thick creamy fondant centres to excite yourself to the sumptuous delights of our truffles, an experience to be desired and not to be missed!!!

 The desire to want and have is yours at only a touch of a button go on treat yourself or your loved one (or that someone special in your life) you know you want to.

 These chocolates are to die for!

 All our boxes range from 75 grams up to 600 grams and are filled with a selection of the following chocolates:

Milk Chocolate

Doubles (praline cream with choc drops), Noisettes (praline cream with nuts or sultanas) Orange Cream, Coffee Cream, Coconut Cluster, Caramel, Fudge, Brazil Nut, Turkish Delight, Nougat, Strawberry Cream, Rose Cream, Violet Cream

Plain Chocolate

Rose Cream, Violet Cream, Coffee Cream, Orange Cream, Turkish Delight, Nougat, Caramel, Brazil Nut, Ginger, Walnut Marzipan, Almond Marzipan, Pistachio Marzipan, Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Cream, Coconut Cluster

 The boxes can also be filled with a selection of our liquor truffles (whisky, brandy, rum, champagne) for a small extra cost, if this is required please indicate when ordering as a special requirement.

 Also when ordering you can specify any particular requirements you may have (e.g. only a Milk Chocolate selection, no nuts in the selection, only cream centres in the selection). Please also indicate if you require the chocolates to be sent to a different address (e.g friends address).

Please note our chocolates are all handmade and every chocolate has its own unique weight.  Please contact us by phone or email with regards to prices or placing an order.

 *Please note we cannot guarantee that every chocolate will be available when you place your order but you will get the best selection.

We also have a selection of sugar free chocolates suitable for diabetics.


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