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For Valentines we have a selection of Milk & Plain Chocolate Hearts which are filled with our handmade chocolates.

On the heart you can have a small personal message written (e.g I Love You, Marry Me, U R Sexy).


Unfortunately due to the being very delicate we cannot guarantee they will arrive via post in one piece.

Or we have a selection of heart shaped boxes which can be sent to your loved one at this special time (see boxes tab)


We have a wide variety of Easter Eggs in Milk, Plain and White Chocolate.

Our Easter Eggs are available either hollow or filled with a selection of our handmade chocolates. 

The Easter Eggs can be personalised and are decorated as follows:


Unfortunately we are only able to send the small and Medium sizes through the post (we are unable to guarantee they will arrive in one piece).


Click on the following link to experience our shops at this festive time:-


Gift Ideas for Chocoholics

How about giving a friend or loved a gift not just for Christmas but every month of the year by arranging for a box of chocolates to be delivered directly to their door for the next 12 months.

 Again you choose the price you would like to pay by selecting which box you would like to send and you can also select the chocolates.


We have a large selection of different size baskets/boxes available.

You choose the basket or box, you choose the contents and you choose the price you would like to pay.

Ideas for items to placed in the baskets/boxes are china mugs, boxes of chocolates, biscuits, preserves (marmalades, jams, chutneys), christmas puddings, fruit cake.

See below samples of baskets/boxes filled and the types of designs available.



We also have a selection of Christmas boxes which we can fill will our handmade chocolates (see boxes tab for ideas of sizes).
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